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Hi Gorgeous Goddesses! I’m BACK! I’m talking in Melbourne next week and Sydney the week after – deets below.  But first: How was your New Years? I hope it was WORTHY of you!

So I was on a train a few weeks ago and as I looked down at the platform – what did I see? Lots of people scurrying about. Not much happiness. Not much glow. Just scurrying. Hunched over. Looking a bit desolate and OVER it. Nobody was dressed particularly nicely. Just all a bit drab really. BLAH.

And I thought to myself: What’s the difference between these people and others who are being chauffeur driven right now?  (Ha! Nothing wrong with trains, I love trains, but that is the exact thought that I thought in that moment.)

And the answer?

Self-LOVE and Self-RESPECT.

Not cleverness. Not talent. And not charisma or luck.

It’s the internal standard you have for yourself. If working hard isn’t working for you – what would a rise in self-respect give you?  What would a rise in self-love give you?

Answer = a much easier ride to wherever you’re going and a much quicker one too.
(Whether you’re in a limo or a train.)
And if I’m wrong?

Well hell, you’re going to have a much better ride through life looking better and feeling better regardless by respecting yourself more in 2018.  So you got nothing to lose kid!

2018 is about putting what you began in 2017 into ACTION.

I mean REAL action. The S-S-S-SCARY kind.

Whether it’s to take self-love action.
Self-respect action.
Putting your dreams into action.

To turn your self-love ON today go to Chapter 6 ‘Turn On Your SELF-LOVE Action.’  of my book… x

So whether you’re striding through a train station, your office, towards a limo (!) or in fact, the pavement: One thing is clear this year:

It’s a year of high self-love, high self-respect, clearing your blocks to success AND taking ACTION.  All can feel scary – but Goddess?  Even if you have days of wanting to hide under the covers in bed?  This year is calling us strongly to RISE to the challenge.

And I’m right with you. X
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I’m a huge believer in seeing someone live, whether it’s a singer or a speaker – nothing beats it! I’m speaking in Melbourne next week and Sydney the week after – grab your tickets below:

Melbourne 17th January Are you Receiving Twice as Much as Him?

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Have a fabulous week – I hope to see you in Melbourne or Sydney!

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