How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a The Relationship Goddess?

To answer this question it’s probably best that I take you back to a number of defining moments that have brought me to this point today, coaching women just like you on exactly what do to create the relationship of their dreams, nothing less.

Most of these moments happened in 2001. The year prior I had given birth to my daughter and in an attempt to make it a happy family went on to marry her biological father in 2001. We then separated that same year, so to my horror I had gotten married and (in effect) divorced in the same year! Oh no, isn’t that what happens to other people? I was 28, really lonely, crying buckets, especially in the supermarket (!) and I didn’t know how I was ever going to get myself up and out of this all time low. I was suddenly a single mum, how on earth had I arrived here?

So I made a defiant decision, right then and there that I was going to live an amazing life.

I looked around for someone to help me do that, like a counsellor or a psychologist, but no-one I spoke to inspired me or had the kind of energy I knew I needed. They could certainly help me solve my problems, but only up to a point – they didn’t teach me how to flourish. I didn’t just want to become a single mum. I wanted to THRIVE. I wanted to become more than what had happened to me. Sitting on my bed, with my daughter asleep (for once) I took out my notebook and began to write and write. Another defining moment of 2001 had begun. The first thing to do to LIVE that life that I knew was waiting for me? Become a sponge to learn everything I needed to know to do so. So I read all the books I could get my hands on, did lots of courses I needed to, including committing my heart and soul to the best coaching program I could find (it has since become the only coaching degree in the USA.) I was relentless in wanting to learn how to the live the life of my dreams. Within 6 months my life turned around in a big way.  The old life was gone. I had a new business and became a little bit of an expert in this area of flourishing and started helping my friends get there too. They kept asking me what I was doing. They all had a house (I didn’t) a car (I didn’t) a committed relationship (I didn’t) money in the bank (I didn’t) But I had this system that took me out of my old life and into my new very quickly, so very soon I had a little waiting list of people wanting to work with me.

I realised, I actually loved taking women through those same steps that I took myself through all those years ago. I was proof that they worked.

And that’s how it happened. That’s how all of this happened. SO I have pledged to work with as many women as I can so that you can come out of your old life and into the one you know is waiting for you, through my Turn Yourself On System, books, MP3’s, speaking engagements tele-classes and I’m sure other ways I haven’t even thought of yet!

I want that for you. I want you to get everything you want. You deserve it. This is what I am dedicated to for the rest of my life.

Since then I have worked with thousands of clients to create the sorts of results I see in my own life, specifically focussing on the most important 10 steps for each woman to use – to get that life – the one she knows deep down is her calling, is her special place.  And yes I want that for you. Years ago a few of my clients started calling me the Relationship Goddess – and it just stuck – partly because I prefer it to their other nicknames (!) and partly because it is what I do – I use your own natural ability to heal your relationship with yourself – which is the most important relationship you’re ever going to have.

So who do you work with?

I work with women who are stuck and frustrated, because of the relationship they’re having with themselves or the relationship they’re having with him, their children or a particular situation that’s painful right now.

It’s like you’re not bad enough to see a psychologist but you’re not truly happy either.You you have a shelf full of self–help books but everything you’ve done up until now has only taken you so far, you’re still not in that life that’s waiting for you.

Typically I work with these sorts of clients below:

  • Women who are ready to go to their next level of happiness and success
  • Women who know they have so much potential inside but just can’t get to it
  • Women who want to create a deliciously happy, nourishing, hugely loving relationship. With themselves and with another
  • Divorced women who want to create a future they & their kids are excited about
  • Mums & working mums who feel dried out
  • Coaches, clinical psychologists, counsellors, therapists who want deep transformation not judgement from a colleague

In essence I work with women who want to powerfully heal themselves so they thrive again, but have lost their way.

What happens if I’m not listed here?

Well you’re probably a man (!) and if that’s the case then yes, I don’t really advertise that I work with you but I have space for 2 men each week. I am very particular about the sort of man I work with – my perspective is this: If it feels like you just want to make her happy but don’t know how, if you have a painful dynamic going on right now in your life and it’s really getting you down – and – you’re willing to focus deeply on the emotional aspect to get rapid results then contact me to see if I have space for you. If you’re a woman and you’re not sure if you’re listed here my perspective is this:

Transforming the situation you find yourself in has everything to do with you and how you handle it and nothing to do with what they’re doing to you.

Therefore, even if you’re not listed here, The Turn Yourself On System will (if we are the right fit for each other) transform your situation into the one you want, every time.

I live outside of Australia, how does that work?

Yes, I coach clients around the world, most often in the USA, UK and rest of Europe; as long as we can make the times work it won’t be any different from calling someone in your own country.

I use an international phone system so the cost of the call to you is the price of a local call from the USA, UK and Canada.

How are you different to other life coaches?

My clients call me the Human Pitchfork! It isn’t sexy, but I think it’s a good description. My divine intuition is a beautiful thing and it will help you navigate your life until we get yours switched on fully so you do get what you want.

I am not like other coaches who are more outward focused. If you’re saying (for example) that you want to stop shouting at your children, but you can’t help it, I know there’s something going on underneath in your subconscious. Once that’s cleared you just won’t want to shout at them because it will hurt you. Otherwise you will try this way and you will try that way but if it has no inside foundation to sit on, the knowledge that you shouldn’t shout won’t last longer than your session with me and you’ll go back to your old way of doing things. Because I am so “narrow” in the way in which I work I have become an expert at it, at getting my clients to transform the “poo” in their life so they can become the woman they were born to be. From a marriage that takes away from you more than it adds, to the relationship you have with yourself and your children, my clients past and present LOVE the results they get and they get to keep them for the rest of their lives because we go in deep to clear you at your deepest level. This isn’t what I call “ra ra” coaching where I tell you what to do and you go do it. That’s too superficial for you. I am very real with my clients, you get to tell me all the yuk stuff that you haven’t told anyone; I will stand up to you when I need to and I will cheer you all the way to your success. You’re free to ugly cry with me and to giggle insanely in the same session. Your feelings and your passion are right, always. I will stand for you all the way.

What type of person gets the most out of your program & what do you expect of me?

I created The Turn Yourself On System for people who are pretty happy in most areas of their life but need support in their relationships; either with themselves or another.

The type of person who will get the most out of my system is the woman who knows she could be so much more, that her real happiness is just around the corner but just doesn’t know how to get there – so she’s motivated to learn and grow; she is hungry for change; she’ll do her blisswork (homework), will show up on time, and she will make space in her life for this coaching and the amazing results that will show up from week 1.

When I go into something I show up 100%.

And that includes you; I will always show up 100% for you, I am on your side, and I will support you to get everything you desire.

My expectations of you are to show up 100%. What you put in you get out, and it’s those women who fly with me and it’s those women I adore!

What kind of person isn’t going to be right for your programs?

If you’re not ready to go for it; if the pain is still not too painful for you and you’re thinking, I can handle feeling this way for a few more years, you are not the right person for The Turn Yourself On Programs. And that’s ok, when it’s the right time for you, I’ll be here.

Instead, I would suggest starting with my #1 bestselling book, ‘Turn Yourself On’ or MP3’s to ease yourself into getting what you want. You’ll find that my free ‘3 DOs Checklist’ to get your fabulous back (if you sign up to receive regular inspiration) is a lovely way to get started and I’ll see you when you’re ready. One thing to note; I am very selective with whom I coach – I only work with women I know I will get results with. We need to be a good fit for each other (and sometimes it just isn’t and that’s ok too). I will usually know immediately from your e-mail enquiry or during the 30 minute free Breakthrough Session, and it’s here I will let you know that you’re not going to benefit from this system and will refer you to another fabulous coach who will be a much better fit for you. In addition to this, if by the end of the first 30 days of coaching together you’re not getting any results, and you’ve done all your blisswork, shown up for every single session and implemented I refund your money completely.

I only coach women who get results and I would hate for you to waste your money if you weren’t (I feel the same as you on this type of thing.)

Please don’t call me if you are not going to implement or do your Blisswork (homework), or if you feel you are not 100% responsible for your life (and therefore it’s someone else’s fault as to why….or someone else has the power.)

It will be impossible for you to receive the change you have come to me for. I lovingly ask that you find another person to support you instead.

What exactly is The Marina J® Turn Yourself On System and what will I get out of it?

The Turn Yourself On System is broken down into three smaller coaching programs.

Everyone starts with level 1 – the Cherish Coaching Program – this is a 6 month coaching program specifically designed to help women live the life that is waiting for them – your starting point might be unhappiness within yourself, because of him – because of divorce or because of a particular situation.  It’s a solid program. The 1st two months is all about the relationship you’re having with yourself, because this sets your absolute foundation for success, the 2nd two months is focussed on transforming that situation into exactly what you want – no compromise – and the last two months we get your life back to fabulous – focussing on outward action – because now you’re feeling much freer, your energy will be back and you’ll be thriving again like you used to. And if you need a little longer than 2 months for each? That’s exactly what we do, we go as deeply and as fast as you want to go. You will get the result you want because you are built to heal. The 2nd coaching program is called Flourish and we meet once a month for the next 6 months so you remain connected but independent to successfully navigate your own life so you flourish. The 3rd coaching program is called Astonish and that is by invitation only. Then we have a few extra’s – Replenish, which is for past clients who want to replenish themselves – Immersion which is a day with me and Blast off which are one off sessions you can buy individually.

The Steps

1. Decide

You start by deciding right here and right now that you ARE going to live that life that’s waiting for you! Because you deserve it. You decide to make room in your life for this coaching and its schedule because you’ve said yes to yourself. You decide what you don’t want so you can desire wholeheartedly what you do. You’ve decided, your power starts to flood back into you. The relationship with yourself begins.

2. Detox

We detox what’s in your way (of that fabulous life) –  old beliefs (like I’m not good enough) and the subconscious blocks that may be sabotaging you right now as you’re reading this.

If you say you want something but it’s not coming to you and you don’t know why (because you’ve done everything you can do to nix it) there is always something in the way. That something always lives in the subconscious because if it was in your consciousness right now, you’d be able to chat about it to a friend of yours and stop it happening forever.

Did you know that 85% of what’s stopping you lives deep down in your subconscious?

So it’s imperative that you powerfully heal this – and this I believe is one of the most important skills you will ever learn. And yes this is the “poo” bit that I was talking about earlier – without transforming properly what’s in your way, your new life has a very shaky foundation to sit on. The good news is once you are detoxed there is now room in you to receive everything you desire with a strong foundation for it to sit on – that result you want is here WOO! What you’ve come to me for?  You’ve done it. Not only have you let go of your pain, you’ve made friends with your pain – your anger, your jealousy and your intense fear – you’ve fallen in love with your dark side so it has no power over you anymore. You know how to navigate and clear painful situations for the rest of your life. Your old way of life is over. You’re ready for the next step.

3. Self Love

Together we get you implementing your self love for you.  Daily.  What does this look like?  Body love, falling in love with your beauty just the way it is, expanding your sexuality, sensuality fun and pleasure – receive bigger orgasms, learn how to receive like your life depends on it (because it actually does) create a relationship and life that turns you ON.  In short – FLOURISH.  The more resistant you are, the more flaky you think this bit is, the longer we’ll need to spend here.

4. Flourish!

You’ve done all the internal shifting;  Now it’s time to go out there and get it!

Get that relationship of your dreams! Get that lifestyle that you want. (By this point a lot of this will already be coming to you, but we focus on it solely in this section). Here you proudly walk your talk and take the action you need to live a nourishing life that feeds your soul at your deepest level.  This is where it all comes together for you. So, these are the main steps of the Marina J® Turn Yourself On System – there are 10 in total and I have simplified them into these main 4 so it’s easy to digest. I’ve designed this for women like you who during the course of this program found the love of their life and married them, healed the relationship with their father, mother, brother, sister, children, partner, ex-husband, friend, boss. Won their court case, created a life they and their children are excited about after divorce, created a love affair for life….the list goes on. You’ll know if this speaks to you. I’ve created this for you and within these 4 steps are hundreds more tools that I give to you to keep for the rest of your life.

Does this really work? What results can I expect?

YES! This does really work – and The Marina J Turn Yourself On System also has a wonderful side effect:

As you begin to lift up into your new life, you stand differently, walk differently and your family and community respond to you differently, more kindly, with respect, more softly, more beautifully, just as you always wanted.

Those that hurt you fall away or shift with you for deeper relationships. (Everyone wins when you do).

You can expect to:

  • Have powerfully healed yourself and your life back to fabulous.
  • Have overcome painful dynamics, hurt, emotional blocks, self sabotage, self doubt.
  • Be feeling more peaceful and enjoy better sleep.
  • Have deepened your intuition and be naturally trusting it daily.
  • Become the happiest person you know in relationships and you’ve become you’re own best friend.
  • Receive tools and coaching to create a relationship that uniquely fulfils and nourishes you.
  • Receive “done for you” sheets that will support you between sessions.
  • Receive blisswork (homework) that is a pleasure to do (mostly!)
  • Forgive and make peace with your past (including him or them) so you are free to let all the goodies that are coming to you, come!
  • Fall in love with your dark side, your hate, your anger, your slippery fear – the parts of you that you are embarrassed and ashamed of.
  • Have a man by your side who wants to make you happy.
  • Learn how to receive so you stop blocking the good stuff you know is yours.
  • Heal core beliefs that you are not good enough, not important, not loveable.
  • Know how to ask for what you want with pleasure – and actually get it from him for the whole rest of your life.
  • Have expanded your delicious sensuality, sexuality, fallen in love with your beauty, your body, your pleasure, your fun.
  • Refresh your flirting tactics and let’s face it your orgasms!
  • Be enjoying your kids more and because that dynamic has gone it’s much easier to be present with them.
  • Implement your self love – it’s peppered throughout your day and you’re glowing for it.
  • Bounce out of bed in the mornings, feeling ALIVE and sexy again.
  • Have the confidence to navigate your life successfully.
  • Be worshipped by him in and out of the bedroom.
  • Heal your past so you can create a future you and your kids are excited about after divorce.
  • Resolve arguments quicker and use them to create deeper emotional security.
  • Use old wounds and patterns of behaviour to transform yourself so you become twice the woman you are.
  • Inspire yourself and others around you with your new found freedom and outrageously unlimited view on life.

How quickly will I get all this stuff

Ah I love this question, it means you are hungry!

The bigger hunger you have for your new life, the more energy you are going to put into this so you’ll really move – and the quicker your results will be! Expect to start getting results from your 1st session, with all my clients receiving a portion of these results within 2 months. I go as fast or as slow as you desire, so really it’s up to you. The full program is 6 months and to get the biggest and best results I would recommend 6-12 months every time. Most clients stay for this period of time because the results they get are so good.

Fantastic… now what are my options for working with you?

Well fabulous! Congratulations on saying a big fat juicy YES to you! As soon as you say yes to you, the healing has already begun… There are a few ways for you to start:

I can’t wait to get started with you! You know my favourite type of client? It’s the one who takes action today. And it’s not because I want your business. It’s because it speaks volumes about you. Did you know that you are more likely to become super successful in your life if you take action? It means you un-stick yourself quicker from the problem, it means you keep that forward momentum in your life, always moving towards what feels good. Good for you!

I know which program speaks to me. How do I get started?

If you know you want the Cherish Coaching Program you can request a 60 min Breakthrough Session by clicking here and I’ll respond to you within 48 hours or give me a call on 02 4385 2363 between 9-5pm Sydney, Australia time.

I’ll answer any questions you have and then together, we are ready to close the gap between where you are right now and what you want. I can’t wait to meet you in person or over the phone! It’s never too late to turn your life around, never, ever. If you know you want The Immersion Day click here or for the Blast Off Session click here.

You’re the one for me, but I’m not quite ready to start yet – what do you recommend?

  1. You can sign up for your dose of regular inspiration from me – on signing up you’ll also receive my brand new ebook; How To Receive Exactly What You Desire because you deserve to receive easily in all your relationships! Just click here or pop your name and e-mail below in the pink banner at the bottom of the page – and you’ll receive it today.
  2. Join Goddess, You’re Home, it’s your home, your online community, your support system, your divine sisterhood. Think power, transformation, self-love and inspiration with 50+ transformational videos and downloadable worksheets, a monthly coaching call from me that I don’t do anywhere else and a private facebook group for glitter bombs of happiness and accountability – you get all this from a high level coach (aka me) for only $33 per month! Want in? Find out more here.
  3. Then I would recommend heading to The Shop where you can buy my #1 bestselling book ‘Turn Yourself On’ and MP3 audio’s that you can play in your car or in the comfort of your own home. With one click you can get some real support now consisting of me talking to you as if you were next to me with the exercises I take my clients through. They are priced at $9.97 so it’s a small investment to take you to the next level. Click here to check them out.
  4. For less than the price of one private session with me you can move on with Turn Yourself On at Home a Home Healing Program designed for you to get your fabulous back after upset with him, with her, or with life in general. To hear a sample, click here.
  5. Finally I highly recommend the brilliant Blast off Session – it’s a one off session designed to get you working on your own to happiness, NOW! You’ll leave with a plan; and with the distinct feeling that a rocket has been placed in the back pocket of your jeans!  Visit the Blast Off Session page and simply fill in the enquiry form to apply for your session with me.

Ok, I am ready but I have a few questions for you, can I call you?

Yes! Call me and we’ll have a chat to see where you are at and which options will suit you best at this time.

You can reach me via e-mail on the form below or call me on 02 4385 2323 between 9-5pm (Sydney Australia time).

If you live abroad please take care with the time difference or e-mail me first.

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