Hello Gorgeous!

Would you like to step into your untapped power to breakthrough to your wildest dreams this year?

If that’s a yes, each day I’ve held a live masterclass with The Healing Templates so you can move forward!

My aim is to get you releasing those dark shadows, and allowing you to move forward with some powerful (and well overdue) healing and self belief.

I KNOW you want to be owning your POWER and breaking through the narrative of self doubt and self sabotage.

So let’s make that happen for you, DAILY!

I’m talking about falling in love with your light shadows and owning your greatness… because you are fucking awesome and the world needs to know about it!

I want you to release the old and, quite frankly, ridiculous story that you’ve been telling yourself… things such as:

“I’m not good enough”
“I don’t think I can do it”
“Is it ever going to happen for me?”
“They are better than me so who am I to try and do this?”

If you are believing this, then how will you ever move forward and stand in your greatness?

As the true light leaders of this world, we collectively need to let that shit GO!

We DESERVE to heal and to have the breakthrough of our dreams. It’s what we’d want for other Goddesses…. so GODDESS, why shouldn’t that be for you too?

I have been put on this planet to help the true light leaders RISE, my FREE 3-day Expansion masterclasses are available until May 18th.

It’s an emotionally safe space for Goddesses to release, heal, and expand.

Want in?

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You will learn:

  • The Healing Templates to heal whatever is in your way and stopping you from moving forwards
  • How to effortlessly take the steps you know you need, towards your dreams
  • How to choose the direction you soul truly wants to go in
  • How to smash through those limiting self beliefs that have been holding you back your whole life (that shit needs to GO!)
  • The techniques to release the fear of failure and fear of being visible, so you can expand in your power
  • Why continuing to release The Narc Template® will help you heal and receive those breakthroughs you desire
  • Shadow Alchemy you can practise time and time again, to stand in your awesomeness and TRULY believe in yourself (because you KNOW you’ve got what it takes!)

It’s going to be a week of you falling in love with your light shadows and healing what has been holding you back your entire life.

Goddess – this is YOUR TIME.

Be visible.

Be powerful.

Our FREE Expansion Week will help you turn ON your ability to heal, and accelerate you to your highest timeline, and I am so honoured to be able to share this space with you.

If this sounds like you, register above for your spot today!

P.S. You’ll be joining the ‘Release the Narc Template® and Rise’ Facebook Group. Releasing this template from my own business has doubled my income and yet, I’m just the same me! It’s not about doing more or being more, it’s about releasing the Narc Template® to receive more. This group and this week is for light leaders to RISE in their business and relationships!


I help the real light leaders of this planet release the Narcissistic Template® from their businesses so they do receive money, support and success and the loving supportive relationships they deserve. So they are fully supported to fulfil their souls destiny. You know you’re running The Narc Template anywhere you are giving 80% but only receiving 20% back. The global Narcs are at the top which is where the real light leaders need to be, we need a switch until we all become leaders in our own right!

I’ve been an Integrative Life Coach (Shadow Work) for 18 years and a yoga and meditation teacher based on Chinese Medicine for 25 years. I am the creator of The Narc and Goddess Template Methods® and love to use Theta Healing® and The Akashic Records in my sessions and courses with you so you RISE and become the light leader you were born to be. I am the #1 best-selling author of my book, ‘Turn Yourself On’, and also have a podcast called, yes you guessed it, ‘Turn Yourself On!’ ❤️  I LOVE what I do… helping you to turn your power, ability to self-heal and fabulousness ON!