Marina J, Marina J coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching

I am on
my way

Marina J, Marina J coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching

Oh my God
Yes, I am worth it!

Marina J, Marina J coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching

You Deserve
your own Love

Marina J, Marina J coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching

Always be kind to yourself -
It sets the groundwork
for all your future happiness

Marina J, Marina J coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching

what you are feeling
right now is right for YOU

Marina J, Marina J coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching

Receive like the
Goddess you are

Marina J, Marina J coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching

Good, giggly things are always
on their way to you even if
you can't see them yet

Marina J, Marina J coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching

You are as free
as you believe
in that situation


Make your desire
Bigger than
the hurdle
in your midst

Marina J, Marina J coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching

When I am on the floor I ask myself

And the answer is always NO
So I know it's time to Raise my Standards

"Am I treating myself like a Goddess?"

Marina J, Marina J coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching

Finding the bliss where you are

is not for the faint hearted

Marina J is a Relationship Expert, best selling author and speaker at Marina J Coaching

Her book; ‘Turn Yourself On’ became the #1 best seller on Amazon in the USA (in 3 days) and UK (in 3 hours!)

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My Story

How did I get here?

Like everyone on this planet – from a mix of mistakes and tragedies, I turned my power on because I was determined to find my way.

Most of these moments happened in 2001. The year prior I had given birth to my daughter and in an attempt to make it a happy family went on to marry her biological father in 2001. We then separated that same year, so to my horror I had gotten married and (in effect) divorced in the same year! Oh no, isn’t that what happens to other people? I was 28, really lonely, crying buckets, especially in the supermarket (?!) and I didn’t know how I was ever going to get myself up and out of this all time low. I was suddenly a single mum, how on earth had I arrived here? So I made a defiant decision, right then and there that I was going to live an amazing life.  I didn’t just want to become a single mum. I wanted to THRIVE. I wanted to become more than what had happened to me. Sitting on my bed, with my daughter asleep (for once) I took out my notebook and began to write and write. Another defining moment of 2001 had begun. The first thing to do to LIVE that life that I knew was waiting for me? Become a sponge to learn everything I needed to know to do so. So I read all the books I could get my hands on, did lots of courses I needed to, including committing my heart and soul to the best coaching program I could find (it has since become the only coaching degree in the USA.) I was relentless in wanting to learn how to the live the life of my dreams.

Within 6 months my life turned around in a big way.  The old life was gone. I had a new business and became a little bit of an expert in this area of flourishing and started helping my friends get there too. They kept asking me what I was doing. They all had a house (I didn’t) a car (I didn’t) a committed relationship (I didn’t) money in the bank (I didn’t) But I had this system that took me out of my old life and into my new very quickly, so very soon I had a little waiting list of people wanting to work with me.  I realised, I actually LOVED taking women through those same steps that I took myself through all those years ago. I was proof that they worked.  And that’s how it happened.  That’s how all of this happened. SO I have pledged to work with as many women as I can so that you can come out of your old life and into the one you know is waiting for you, through my Marina J Coaching Program, books, MP3’s, speaking engagements tele-classes and I’m sure other ways I haven’t even thought of yet! I want that for you. I want you to get everything you want. You deserve it. This is what I am dedicated to for the rest of my life. Since then I have worked with thousands of clients to create the sorts of results I see in my own life, specifically focussing on the most important 10 steps for each woman to use – to get that life – the one she knows deep down is her calling, is her special place.  And yes I want that for you. I got it for me, I married the love of my life, and we live with our daughter, yes OUR – I love saying that!…Near the beach just outside of Sydney.  I covet those 10 steps because they opened this life for me.

Don’t you deserve to powerfully heal you and your life back to fabulous?  I’m going to say YES!  You deserve it all.


What I do

What I do…I realise is what I’ve been doing all along – ever since I was a little girl – I’ve been tapping into people with the whole of my being to take them to another place – another place that they know they belong in.

We all the know the place we’re meant to be in. That’s why we do what we do all day to get to that place – my job is to get you there quicker and I think I do a pretty good job. It’s kind of what I was made to do – I’ve been called everything along the way – Relationship Goddess, magician, probably lots more that I can’t remember – but what it is that I do – I use your own natural ability to heal yourself.

I’m not talking about the type of healing where you see someone once a week and talk it out so you get clear on what your issues are and learn to “be” with it. No.  I’m talking about deep transformation in you, the type of healing that once you’ve done it there are no need for positive affirmations every morning, no need to “keep positive” or talk yourself into being confident before you walk into that room – or remember the right strategy to use every time you talk. Too exhausting, too boring. If you have to remind yourself, you’re not healed. Real healing means you are healed at your core, so: You. Just. Are (Healed already) So you’ll come out with the right stuff, naturally.  You’ve cut the middle man out, the controller in your head who has to override everything, including how you really feel inside.  Real healing – it’s one of the most important things you’ll ever learn to do.  It means that painful dynamic you’ve had for years has shifted and you no longer suffer.  You flourish. I love doing what I do and can’t believe I get paid to do it. To see you become the happiest person you know?  Voila! You’ve made me sing. (And that’s not always a good thing!) My most favourite thing is to hear you say at the end of our time together, “Did I really say that?” Because you no longer relate to the person you used to be 24 sessions ago. Yes 24 sessions, aka 6 months – thats the time it takes most of you to get you and your life back to fabulous – some of you need longer and take up to a year, but all of you do it. Because you are made to.  If you do the work, you will heal.

Did you know you are built to heal yourself 100% because you’ve been designed from birth to live that life that’s waiting for you?

And that’s why I do what I do because I want that for you. marina_signature_transparent


Marina J teaches women one of the most important skills of all: How to get your fabulous back after upset with him, with her, or with life in general – because your happiness is everything!

Her smart, uplifting and poignant approach will have you laughing, healing deeply and yes flourishing like the woman you were born to be! 

A relationship expert, #1 best selling author and speaker, she does the deep stuff and the sparky gorgeous stuff. She has helped thousands of women around the world live the life they always knew they were meant to be in, and she wants this for you too.

She specialises in focusing on YOU and the relationship you have with yourself because this sets the tone for every success, every single relationship and every situation you’ll ever find yourself in.

Marina is the creator of The Turn Yourself On System: A powerful program for women who want fast, deep transformation and healing.

Marina comes from a long family history of psychotherapists, and trained to become a life coach whilst being a single mum, with her work strongly founded in Jungian psychology. She started out as a yoga instructor 20 years ago, and had her own line of yoga wear (sold internationally). She loves to write regularly as a contributor to magazines, newspapers and websites and has been known to do the odd interview on TV and radio!  She is married to the love of her life and lives with their daughter by the beach near Sydney. She can be found at

“The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you’ll ever have.”

— Marina J